Sadaf Gostar Delijan Insulation Company

Yelma Isogam, the superior brand of Isogam in Iran with a lifelong warranty

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A step forward in innovation and improving product quality

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  • Increasing productivity and reducing costs

    Preventing excessive use of non-renewable resources, reducing environmental degradation and preventing environmental pollution

  • Laboratory

    The existence of a well-equipped laboratory and the emergence of quality production necessities.

  • Fantastic design

    The elegant and user-friendly design is one of the features of Sadaf Gostar Delijan

  • Attention to consumer needs

    One of the important factors in product development in Saddgostar Delijan Group is consumer attentio

  • after sales service

    With the aim of attracting the attention, promotion and customer satisfaction, this company has been creating a wide network of after sales services all over the country.

  • Increasing customer satisfaction

    Increasing customer satisfaction and paying attention to consumer needs

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